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Running, Riding, Swimming and Eating inspire others to do the same.

I started like most, running when I could find the time in an attempt to be healthy and counter the affects of a relatively sedentary job and unhealthly eating habits. Along the way, I found more and more pure enjoyment in my active pursuits, the people I met along the way and the knowledge I gained about health, athletecism and nutrition. Once I began competing I became addicted...not to the competition, but the lifestyle. Now I'm addicted...and obsessed. I can't wait to learn more and tell everyone I run into about how much enjoyment and fullfilment I receive from this way of life. It makes everything else so much more achievable. I believe all of my dreams will indeed come true...and mainly as a result of this lifestyle.

My goal is to raise awareness for a healthy lifestyle and get as many others to participate in competitive events. My results and schedule...






You can follow my training progress on Strava.

You can join us by signing up for Chaffin's Ride and Run on Strava.

Chaffin's Trash...The other thing I do when I run is pick-up trash...yes, slow down or stop, get my hands dirty, pull out my trash bag and Do My Part. Most of the time I take a picture of my haul. You can follow my progress...Chaffin's Trash Photo Blog. Or, see the complete collection by clicking on the album in the side bar.

Chaffin's Run Photo Blog- follow my running adventure on my Chaffin's Run photo and video blog

Chaffin's Ride Photo Blog- follow my riding adventure on my Chaffin's Ride photo and video blog