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Vanished- Where Has Service Gone?


Sometimes it's Better to be Lucky than Good

Lucky to be healthy.
Lucky to train with some very inspirational people.
Lucky to be able to participate.
Even more lucky to do it with people you love.
And lucky that someone faster didn't show up!

I'll take lucky over good any day...especially this one. 


Does a Leader Care?

If you think about Seth's recent post about loving customers in the context of leadership, a leader has two customers. There' s the external customer who ends up paying for the experience. And then there's the internal customer, the staff...all the people under the leader's care.

I've seen many managers totally miss the point of "who serves who" inside the organization. They have this idea that employees are there to serve them, to do what they say and follow their "lead". Great leaders recognize the opposite is true. They know they are there to serve everyone else, to inspire, to remove obstacles, to comfort, to create leaders.

Best plan for a leader is to always treat employees like customers. Failure leads to distrust, disgruntlement and finding someone else to buy from. 


The Art of Gift Giving


The power of a gift has nothing to do with price. What matters is the effort it took to create it, the inconvenience to the giver and the unexpected result.

A small surprise far outweighs grandstanding with your wallet.

Happy shopping season.



Doing Things that Matter

I'm #thankful for all the people that choose to do things that matter. And for those that inspire me to come along for the ride.

Happy Thanksgiving


Arrive 5 Minutes Early

That’s all it would take…to deliver the unexpected…to change your image.

Imagine the power of making this statement..."I care more about you than me”. Imagine how this would foster trust, respect and friendship.

And it’s really not that hard. Assuming you already plan your arrival to be “on-time”, then you can certainly plan to arrive at a new, "double secret" on-time…that only you know about. And by doing so, you’re guaranteed to meet everyone’s expectation, every time. The free prize is that you’ll be there noticeably early…every time. And that’s unexpected…and it begins to send a message about you and your belief system, your core values, and how you set your priorities. And it shows that you care.

Give it a whirl…what’s the downside?