They Are Missing The Point Too

While this is an excellent article with facts and figures supporting the earlier post regarding the decline of traditional advertising in favor of WOM, the so-called critics of viral marketing (probably traditional Ad agencies and PR firms) which chime in are Missing The Point!

Viral Marketing is going to happen with or without agency input. The referenced "chicken" video craze is clear evidence of this phenomena. While Mr. Klein and client Burger King seem to imply this form of ad will sell chicken sandwiches, tenders, or whatever, what they've really sold is a cool, interactive, dancing chicken's the entertainment value which sparked the buzz....not the product they are trying to sell. If the product and service are remarkable, the word will spread...all by itself. Viral Marketing (in the form of viral ads) as a new tool for Ad Agencies is just that....a tool, it is not the solution. Making cool, fun and unique products delivered with astounding service is the solution.

And, what's up with all of the pop-up and banner ads annoying the crap out of you while you are attempting to read the article? ABC, get a grip! : Viral Ads Gain Respect as Marketing Tool