Missing the Point on Advertising

Well, it looks like Doug and Company over at the Small Business Blog took offense to my recent post about them missing the point on advertising. See Doug's comment below.

First, thank you for the comment Doug, it's very much appreciated....and no offense taken. I read your info regularly, and find 99% of the posts right on. Keep up the good work.

I agree with Doug that advertising has a place. But, I believe we disagree on what that place is and, more importantly how effective or (in my opinion) ineffective the majority of the interruptive form of advertising has become. The bottom line with me (and a bunch of other folks) is that your product/service is what sells, and advertising (for the most part) is a waste of money. Just because Coke (and, I admit I shouldn't pick on them) plasters ads everywhere doesn't mean it's the most effective way to stimujlate sales and the growth of your company. If I can find the reputable quote and source of the comment I referred to in my original post regarding the Superbowl ad, I will post it, and send it over to Doug.

Advertising, used on a permission basis, and at the appropriate time in the evolutionary cycle of the product definitely has merit, and an ROI. However, I firmly believe you you should redrect the majority of the ad budget on the service and product itself to fuel the WOM sales force which inarguably is the most effective weapon you have in the marketing arsenal.