Some Memorable Examples

Here are a couple of things we tried at Keyah Grande which have turned out to be winners with our guests:

Telephone information- We’ve all seen the standard calling and directory information posted on or near guestroom telephones. It’s usually fairly unattractive, and certainly not very personal….local, dial 9+number, for guest services press this button, etc. We tried something more personal. We created a personal telephone menu for every guest which is neatly placed in a stylish frame. It begins with….Telephone Information for Mr. Johnson….it even includes directory information for other guests who happen to be in the same party.

Turndown Dreams and Memories- At turndown, you usually receive some sort of goody, snack, chocolate, etc. We augmented that with something you could really find memorable…a framed photograph of the guest enjoying one of the many activities at the property. It works like this….the first night at turndown you receive a picture frame with a card reading “Keyah Grande….where dreams become memories”. During the course of your visit, you are photographed (digital cameras are wonderful, aren’t they?), and the last night of your stay the card is replaced with a photograph….a keepsake. Granted these examples work better in a small environment. But, you can apply this Memorable Solutions thinking to any size property, product or service. Go ahead…at your next management meeting, brainstorm how you can turn standard, ordinary delivery of your service or product into creative, unique and memorable experiences.

Look for more examples coming soon….