A Directory For You

Here’s another way to turn a fairly standard hotel item into something Memorable.

In almost every hotel room you find an in-room directory of some sort. Many times they look cheap, loaded with advertising from area restaurants, etc. Sometimes, they are well-done with handsome covers and very high quality print jobs. But, the contents are still straightforward (telephone numbers, in-room dining menu, area attractions, map, etc.)

What if you made this a living collection of documents which were personalized around each guest? Besides a personal introductory note, what if you went even further? Would you not be pleasantly surprised if the in-room dining menu had been created especially for you? Yes, it would have your name on it. But, more importantly the fare would be tailored to your personal desires, dietary restrictions, etc. I know if I ran into something like this, I would definitely consider it beyond my expectation. Wouldn’t you?

I think I might try it…I’ll let you know what happens.