You Can't Shout Your Way To Success

Here’s what we know about the buying process for remarkability.

We know more and more people “want” meaningful and remarkable experiences.
We know they will pay more for them.
We know they choose these products and services carefully.
We know they rely on trusted sources like friends, family and travel agents to guide them.

So, why is there such a tendency to shortcut that process in our business? Why do we insist on SHOUTING our message with ads, infomercials, fancy brochures and the like?

A bigger or brighter sign doesn’t make you more desirable. Billboards don’t increase sales. Neither do TV commercials, radio ads or $25,000 websites. But, we sure buy a boatload of them.

Look, for the money we pour down the drain shouting our message, we could build one heck of an experience and get all of our partners and customers to tell all their friends and co-workers about it. Invest in the experience and relationships, and I guarantee you the word would spread. Just be passionate about what you do, and give it a little time. But, if you don’t have the desire to be the best and the patience to see it through…buy the ads and the flash loaded websites. At least you’ll get to blame someone else if it doesn’t work.