I've decided to enter the world of podcasting. Or, at least make a valiant attempt. If you don't know what podcasting is...read this...it's changing the way people listen.

It's not for everyone. It takes time, creativity and so forth. And, the audience is still small, even smaller than for blogs. But, that's changing. As far as I can tell, I'll be the first in the hospitality/service arena to launch a show.

I'm still working through the technical aspects and content development. But, I would say the innaugural program would debut sometime near the beginning of November.

I need some thoughts about what you want to hear in these podcasts. Here's the idea so far...

10-20 minutes in length per show
released weekly
interviews with interesting guests
interviews of me (I know..scary)
some entertianment (music, etc.)
rants and raves about things we do in our business (good and bad)...probably the main theme of the program
product and service reviews (examples of remarkability and not so)
listener comment, e-mail comment review

Any thoughts?