The Everlasting Last Memory

Jackie writes an excellent post over at Church of The Customer about the importance of "the last 5 minutes" with a customer. Again, she uses a hotel example. And, again, it's about those pesky internet service charges. Will the controversy ever end? (My feelings on that previously posted here).

Back to the point of her story. Make the last five minutes with your guest count because it's likely to be what they remember the most. Yep, like just about everything in life, it's what have you done for me lately that really counts. Our brains just work that way. So, to Jackie's point, make those final plays a good way.

Don't drive the ball the length of the field in the last minute of the game, get ready to make the winning play...and then fumble the ball away as the clock shows zero. It takes a really long time for us to forget when our team does that.

Pardon the gridiron analogy. But, it's football season.