Wiggly Kidz


If you're looking for a way to make your little guests happy, try this...Wiggly Kidz

Steve Riskas, founder of Wiggly Kidz, recently sent me a few activity bags to try-out on my own kids. They passed with flying colors.

In brief, this is a great product... and in keeping with the company's mission to foster child development through imagination and creativity. All of the contents are safety oriented, colorful and full of things to put together, glue, color, etc. There's quite a variety to choose from. And, for the price it's a perfect giveaway for your rugrat arrivals. We particularly enjoyed the King's and Queen's bag.

Children's feelings and impressions are often the most important, especially on the road. Cranky kids can ruin an entire trip. On the flipside, entertained and happy ones can make an otherwise mediocre stay very memorable. This is a smart buy when you consider what's at stake.