Down Time

Most people, when they get a day or two off (especially in our business), just "veg". They read a novel, ride a bike or watch a ball game. Down time is considered private time and an opportunity to re-energize.

Other people, like my friends at Ideas In Food, spend off-time getting better. They take the time between games to practice and to work on new things. They invest so called "private time" to keep the game interesting and to stay ahead of others. They're relentless in their pursuit of excellence with set-backs viewed not as "bad" things, but as get better. And, none of this tireless effort is considered "work"...because they really love what they do. This is what it takes to be remarkable.

Finding people like this isn't a cinch by any means. But, if you're lucky enough to get them on the bus, do what you can to keep them there. And, yes, get the heck out of the way.

This is what happened on today's "day-off". I wish I could do that!