The Cost Of Promoting Average

The cost of promoting something average is extremely high. So high in fact, that many don’t make it. Getting someone to notice you by slapping on some marketing doesn’t work anymore…there are just too many average hotels to choose from. How much do you think that run-of-the-mill, roadside, chain hotel spends on advertising, franchise agreements and contracted discount business just to stay alive? How much does your local Hilton or Marriott spend? A bunch…I bet. In the mid-90’s, I managed a property like these and shelled out almost $500K each year to shout the message that we were better than our neighbor. Wow.

On the other hand, how do you explain that little guys like Smith Fork Ranch, Inn at Little Washington and Twin Farms run full almost every night and spend virtually nothing on marketing?

Here’s how…the marketing is built-in.

1. They’re remarkable...the experience is meaningful and extraordinary. It makes people feel good.
2. They’re easy to talk about…they have an interesting story that’s easy to remember and fun to tell.
3. They cater only to one audience…they don’t try to convince people who wouldn’t be interested in their experience.

Being successful has very little to do with how much advertising you can buy or how much flash you can afford to put on your website. It has a lot to do with how much you invest in the experience. Please think about that if you decide to build a hotel.