Feeling Good

If you’re in the service business, it all boils down to one thing…making people feel good.

Sounds easy…but, we all know it’s not.

This process usually starts with the phone (although the internet is catching-up rather quickly).
Answer the phone with a smile…and the customer feels welcome, feels like taking the next step, maybe feels like buying something, or perhaps reinforces that they did. Unfortunately, too many companies fail to pay attention to this very important step.

For instance, if you call the Landrover dealership in Albuquerque, NM there’s a very good chance you’ll feel like I did, indifferent…at best. This is how they answer (every time I’ve called), “Landrover Albuquerque”. That’s it…no hello, good morning, how may I help you?...nada. It doesn’t get much better once you get in the building. But, that’s not the point of this story. Landrover Albuquerque doesn’t get it. They don’t understand how important this experience is to their future. They don’t understand that making people feel welcome is perhaps the single most important thing they do. And clearly, they don’t understand that this step occurs perhaps hundreds of times a day…on the telephone.

On the other hand, call any of the Mobil Five Star winners, any Four Seasons or Ritz Carlton and I bet you hear something different. You can almost see the person smiling on the other end. Of course, this has nothing to do with chance. But, rather everything to do with an attitude and understanding about what business your in…the business of people, and making them feel good.

Landrover, along with almost every other car dealer, isn’t in the business of selling automobiles. That’s just the vehicle (pun intended) they use to serve people. I wonder if they’ll ever figure it out? Call them…and let me know if they do.

Thanks for reading…Have A Nice Day.