Podcasting Fun


Just in time for Christmas...indieHotelier Podcast is on the air.

Well, actually it's been in beta since late November with now three programs released to date.

Before you go take a spin, let's get a few things straight.

1. I do this for fun. That 's it. I'm not hoping or looking for any sort of monetization. Call it my public service. And, it's the closest I'll probably come to my teenage dream of being a broadcaster/DJ.
2. It's and experiment...like most everything else I do. We'll all see where it leads.
3. It's constantly evolving...which requires lots and lots of feedback, and patience on both our parts.

The last two shows including the one released this evening are Christmas Shows...so, there's lots of Christmas music, and not much discussion. I hope you'll enjoy the variety and non-traditional nature of the independent music I play.

Enjoy the show!