Happy New Year

As 2005 fades in the rearview mirror, it’s natural to reflect a little...and to look forward.

First, I thank all of the people who have impacted my work and personal life in so many fruitful ways…my family, my friends, my colleagues, my readers, my listeners and the many people who gave me inspiration with their wonderful ideas through their e-mails, their questions, their books, their blogs, their podcasts and most of all their willingness to share.

Now, a look back…

Some of my best memories…

The birth of my daughter, Lauren
Getting to spend everyday with my wife and family
Discovering podcasting and starting indieHotelier
Getting to know new friends like Dr. A in HI
Having the opportunity to work and share ideas with two of the most creative people on the planet, go see, ideasinfood…it’s contagious
Reading fabulous books like A Whole New Mind, All Marketers Are Liars, The Big Moo and The Tipping Point
Listening to great podcasts like Daily Source Code, Savy Solo Cast, Tartan podcast, etc.
Finding wonderful independent musicians and their work courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network
Seeing countless extraordinary sunrises over the San Juan Mountains from my back porch
Seeing my first day of over 100 unique visitors to this blog
Getting the chance to enjoy new technology, gadgets and software (Macromedia, iDog, Wordpress, etc.)…it’s like Christmas all year long
Successfully completing my biennial check-ride
Having my mom and son visit

My best posts…(I read them all again. So, these are my picks)

January, Remarkable People
February, What’s More Valuable? Repeat Or Referral?
March, When You Care It Shows, The One and Only and The Robin Williams Effect
April, The Butter Story and Where Has Service Gone #5
May, Opening Your Doors and Big Isn’t Better
June, The Want Factor
July, Stories Through Process, Attention and Andrew Harper…Stories and Trust
August, Paths, Is Your Story Interesting? and Few Words
September, The Delivery, Sustaining Passion and Riding The Tail
October, Variety Is The Spice of Life, You Can’t Shout Your Way To Success, The Pressure’s On
November, To Think Or Not To Think, Defense vs. Offense and Advertising Relevance
December, Setting People Up, More Mooing and The Cost of Promoting Average


2006 is full of hope and promise, even more ideas, more creativity, faster, better…and more speed bumps and roadblocks…more life. I can’t wait.

Some things I plan to do…

Spend time with my family
Publish my manifesto, “Vanished” (yes, you can still vote on it at Changethis)
Meet more creative people
Make new friends and rekindle some old friendships
Start a network of destination oriented podcasts
Continue to help people develop memorable guest experiences and projects
Continue to develop a network of creative, energetic and passionate hospitality experts
Develop a better way for hospitality people to find meaningful work
Finish my book
Help someone
Produce a better sounding podcast
Develop alternatives to traditional advertising
Keep spreading ideas

On this eve of the New Year, remember…strive for perfection, and hope you never get there.

Be safe and enjoy!