When tasked with opening a new property and spreading the word, it’s easy to get into a frenzy about media coverage…taking and enjoying anything that comes your way. I mean, who wouldn’t be happy with just about any insertion as long as it didn’t show up in some tabloid. Well, it turns out, Tony wouldn’t. And, he’s absolutely right. Here’s a link to Tony’s story thanks to Doug, who gives us many great thoughts over at Imagine.

You need to be more like Tony, disciplined enough to recognize your audience, focusing your energy, creativity and passion on serving them, and only them. Media placements, whether paid or non, require the same discipline and a very targeted approach. Sometimes, as in Tony’s case, that means not accepting any. For most, however, it means resisting the temptation to use the “take anything” approach. If you do that, you’re likely wasting money chasing the wrong folks to come to your party.