Icing or Cake?


Your “Story” is much more than a bundle of slick adjectives thrown together to catch the attention of your prospective guest. Your “Story” must “exactly” replicate the guest’s experience, or parts thereof. So, when you tell the story, don’t just give them the icing, tell them what’s inside the cake, and how you made it. Give them the process and experience you go through to produce the spectacular results. That’s what strikes an emotional connection with your guests, and that’s what they want.

Think about it. Why are exhibition kitchens so popular? Because the “process” and “artistry” going on behind the scenes is really what makes the dining experience so memorable.

Why stop short at telling someone you have a “newly renovated” hotel or restaurant. Why not tell them “how” it was rebuilt, and “why”. Why not tell them “who” worked on it, and maybe some of the pain you went through to get there. Why do you think they tell you how many people died building a dam or bridge? Because, that’s the real story.

If you use special china or a two hundred year old stove, tell them.
If you source your ingredients from all corners of the world, tell them.
If you make your beds a special way, tell them.
If you have an employee of the year, don’t just tell them who it is, tell them “why”.

It’s not the icing that sells. Now, more than ever, the ingredients take the cake.