Direcway Not The Best Way


Don't let that smile fool you.

As a follow-up to Mr. Godin's public service announcement about Direcway, I thought I'd throw in my four cents...these guys are clueless! I should have ranted about these people a month ago. Thank you, Seth, for taking the lead.

The Hostage Factor is definitely well at work. For, it's the only logical reason this group still exists. Last month, I spent almost two full days on the phone with their technical department fixing a problem they created (they decided to no longer support the modem they sold me just over a year earlier). As if my wasted two days and accompanying ear ache weren't enough punishment, you won't believe what I heard from two of the IT nerds..."forget whatever the last guy told you because he doesn't know what he's talking about". This is no joke. That's what two of them told me. So, you know I had to ask the third guy what I should expect the fourth one to say....there was no response.

As Seth said, only choose this service if you have no other options. Well, when you live and work on the top of a mountain, miles from the next house, let alone a town, you definitely fall into that category as well as the one of being up the creek without a paddle.

One day, I'm going to have a choice, and they're going to lose.