Arts at ASU


I’m on business in Arizona today…yes, it’s hot. But, that’s not the story.

Typically, when I travel and am fortunate enough to be near a college or university, I make it s point to explore the campus. I like the scenery, serenity and the people. Usually, I make my journey in a pair of running shoes. This morning as I had the pathways of ASU to myself at 5:30 AM, I noticed something that I really hadn’t taken in before at other places, the arts side of the campus is a far nicer place to be than the sciences. For one, there’s art (duh). But, most of the physical spaces are different. The buildings, curved pathways and even signage…all “designed” differently. Here, they even a have a series of signs along one of the main streets which tells a story about why the Arts are important. It just makes you feel better to be there. Nothing against Science majors (I have one of those B.S. degrees), but the Arts folks have figured out that design and stories matter…more than anything else. No spreadsheet or quantitative analysis will deliver meaning this way. Another plug for Dan Pink’s book, A Whole New Mind. He explains this phenomenon in much greater detail.

If you have the chance, visit a college campus. The youth and spirit alone are contagious.