Design Flaw


I'm at the annual Food & Wine Classic in Aspen this weekend...spreading the word about Keyah Grande, and of course learning...a little about food & wine and a little more about how people interact with each other. More on that later.

I'm staying at the Sky Hotel, a Kimpton property. It's got a great location, parked next to the famed Little Nell and within stumbling distance to just about everything notable in town including the events of the Classic. My impression is that The Sky is a wanna be W, trying to tell a story of hip and cool while remaining simple and refined to keep the price down. I think they accomplish both, but in a very average way. The service, food, beverage, quality of the furnishings, etc., are all average. No flashes of brilliance...anywhere. Now, assuming they aren't interested in competing on price alone (they certainly aren't the cheapest game in town), they need to make some changes. The Kimpton brand sells us a story of unique, difference, hip, etc. But, they also tout service, caring and making us feel good. That's where the Sky falls short. Here are a couple of examples:

Turndown service, while listed in the in-room directory as a daily offering, is actually a "seasonal" practice, not being done currently. That certainly doesn't make me feel special. Either do it, or don't. And, change your story.

There are at least 10 pieces of advertisement collateral in my room (and, it's a small room). Why? Do they actually think that this stuff makes me want to partake, or better yet, feel more hip about myself? They're cleverly designed and relatively attractive to be sure. But, they make the space look junky, and out of character with the design concept. Talk with me, interact with me...that's what makes me feel cared for...not advertising.

So, the story isn't's not authentic. This seems to be a trend for Kimpton. I pointed it out previously here.

On a good note, the WiFi is fantastic!