Pay Special Attention

While experiencing the birth of our daughter Lauren yesterday, I watched a lot of magic occur. But, having some time to digest, I have taken away more than the experience of a new life and family member. Our nurse, Susan, is one of the finest medical professionals I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. She is well experienced with over 20 years in labor and delivery. But, that’s not what makes her work so impressive. What sets her apart from everyone else are the way she connects with you and the way she makes you feel. It was the little things like the extra time spent talking about things important to us, not just the standard stuff she was required to spew to patients. Sitting down in the room and simply enjoying our company, making us feel at home in a place which certainly doesn’t appeal as such. These are the things that matter to people. Unpleasantries like the crappy cot I had to sleep on, the TV speaker that didn’t work, the phone from the 1970’s and yes, the horrible food all seem to disappear when you are fortunate enough to meet someone like Susan. She cared about us, and made us feel like we were her only patients…which we weren’t.

Bottom line, Susan is passionate about what she does…caring for people. And, she knows how to pay special attention to make you feel at home.

Hire people like her, and most of your other shortcomings will become transparent to your guests..just ask Mercy Hospital.