I just received this from Network Solutions.

Our records indicate that you contacted Network Solutions customer service on 08/12/2005.

Network Solutions is fully committed to improving the service we provide to you. As part of our ongoing dedication to quality customer support, we are conducting a Customer Service Survey.

We want to know what you think - your opinion is extremely valuable to us! The survey will take less than 10 minutes to complete, and your input will provide us with insights into how we can improve our service to best meet your needs. The information collected from this survey will be reviewed and acted upon at every level of our company.

To access the survey, simply click on the link below or cut and paste it into the address field of your browser.

Generally, I’m pretty happy with these people. But, about every fourth time I talk with them, I get one of these in my in box. There are two reasons they should stop doing this…1. It’s annoying! Especially, since I didn’t mention I had a problem. 2. They don’t need to spend the money to review ten minute surveys to determine if they’re doing well.

One simple question will do…Will you refer us to others? Or, better yet, have you referred us to others? If I say “no”, then ask me why. Otherwise, leave me alone, and focus your attention on the people I referred.

The true measurement of guest satisfaction is the willingness to refer you to other people. That’s it. Not much else matters. If the answer is “yes”, you’re doing well, probably really well. If the answer is “no”, dig deeper.