The Delivery

What you learn in a small place like Keyah Grande is that the “delivery” matters most. It’s not about the “things” you touch and see, i.e., the Frette linens, marble or art on the walls. But, rather, it’s the genuine act of caring that really counts…and builds memories.

Rarely, does anyone write me a thank you letter to express their gratitude for the view or the whirlpool bathtub (I assume that’s true for you too). It’s almost always about our staff and their interaction with them that made their visit so special.

In larger properties, we spent a lot of time trying to control the way our service was delivered. We had standards, procedures, flowcharts, you name it, for everything…all with the intention of creating a very consistent delivery of service to our guest. In the end, what typically happened is that we became very average. Consistent…but average.

Instead, we should try not to control “how” service is delivered. In other words, let the creativity, passion and genuine nature of the person doing the job take over. Spend time controlling liquor inventories and the cash drawer…but not the art of service. Once you do that…it’s no longer an art, and no longer meaningful.

Try these things if you want to be less average and more memorable:

Hire the Best People- One’s with true passion for what they do. (see The Robin Williams Effect)
Be Genuine- Don’t pretend to be something you’re not. Don’t try to spin and make-up for weak areas. Just be real about them.
Be Adaptive- Stay away from scripts. Have fun and make-it up as you go along. If you’ve hired great people, this one works beautifully.
Stay on Point- Always, always remain focused on what you can be the best at…and leave the other stuff to someone else.

More than ever, people want meaning, personal attention and genuine care in their lives. They want to feel special. When people deliver these goods…they remember. So, why not give them what they want.