Making Noise

Justin and Ashley

According to the latest government data, those are the two most common names given to children of Hispanic parents in NY last year.

For Asian parents the story is different: name number one is Emily.

Names are a funny thing. Now, naming a company Google or Squidoo or BlueTurnip in the dot com world isn't weird... it's the equivalent of naming your kid Michael.

A recent study (sorry, I'm linkless here) by the government found that distinctly ethnic first names got fewer callbacks on otherwise identical resumes. Fair? Of course not. Not surprising, though, either.

Standing out is not the same thing as being remarkable. Standing out can just as easily get you ostracized. I don't think Purple is the same as just being different.

What Seth is talking about here is what I equate to making noise just to get attention. We do it all the time with billboards, neon signs, funky design and countless gimmicks. While it might garner a momentary turn of the head or even a try, in the end it's discarded for what it really is...average, or worse a fraud.

Please think before you shake the rattle.