Smart People Have The Best Ideas

My reasoning behind this blog as well as the collaborative nature of the book I’m working on is simple… smart people develop the best ideas, not one person. I could go on all day about what I think is the best way to do things. But, great ideas and practices aren’t generated in a vacuum. Even my so called “original” thoughts are in some way the result of my interactions with others…the people I work with, live with or read about. Remarkable experiences are born from teamwork and process. In this case, you’re automatically on the team when you contribute your thoughts, ideas and disagreements here. And, the process is the conversation…created by all of us. So, it’s important for you to chime-in publicly and not just via personal e-mail to me. While I enjoy the feedback, everyone could and should benefit from your viewpoint.

I tout this blog as the “smartest conversation” about all things hospitality related. Of course, that only works if there is indeed a conversation.