Friday, January 20, 2006 at 07:38 AM

People Want To Be Different

I haven’t been reading as much lately. Too busy involved in my own little world…creating podcasts, making websites, taking care of kids, etc. I just started meandering through the backlog of material to find this most recent post by Mr. Godin. He makes a very good point about how Google helps you turn prospects into customers. But, for me, the most important message came from the very last sentence,

“And treating different people differently is what consumers demand.”

That’s the bottom line to being successful in our business…period. And, I wouldn’t spend so much time on making the physical attributes of your property different. Rather, find ways to make sure people are treated differently…so they get their own, customized experience. Talk to them, understand them…and deliver. Figure this out, and you’ll be a mile ahead of most.