You Get What You Deserve


Happy New Year…and time to get back to writing. And, before I could get even get the brain in gear and the notebook on, I saw the story about the Crowne Plaza Swingers Party last night on Fox News. Oh, just in case you missed it, here’s an article from the Orlando Sentinel.

After taking this in overnight…I just want to slap someone silly, namely the management of the subject Crowne Plaza. What were you thinking? First, you take an enormous PR risk booking a “swingers” party on NYE. Then, if that’s not enough, you throw a soccer kids group into the mix for good measure. Nice…

This is a clear case of putting the bottom line in front of everything else…morals, risk management, guest comfort, employee abuse and on and on. And, unfortunately, in some organizations this sort of decision-making is completely acceptable.

I call it being asleep at the wheel.

I wonder what action Intercontinental might take? Guessing that slapping someone is out of the question, I bet some Columbia Sussex heads will roll…and a lawsuit is being drafted as I type.