There was once a small restaurant in Pagosa Springs, Colorado named European Café. The food was average, the atmosphere was average, the service was okay and there was little evidence of anything European…so no real niche. It was just an average place trying to feed off the traffic down the main road. It’s gone now.

Enter Kips.

Same location, same building, same kitchen, same traffic down the main drag…and every time I go there, it’s packed. Because it’s new? I don’t think so.

Kips does a few things very well.

The Best- They know what they can be the best at. And, they focus on just that. It’s a hole in the wall kind of place serving Baja style Mexican tacos. It comes complete with the relevant surf decorations and appointments, a small bar with one TV, and a couple of regionally brewed beers on tap…my kind of place.

Care- The service is super friendly. Joe & Becky really enjoy what they do. It’s casual, but professional enough not to leave you wondering about what’s coming out of the kitchen.

This is really key…

Audience- They don’t try to be all things to everyone passing by. They choose an audience which is underserved (21-40 year-olds, snowboarders, hikers, river rafters and the like) and they make them happy. I don’t think they care if it’s not your style or if you’re looking for fancy restrooms. They focus on one group…and that’s it.

Try following their lead. And, come by for the tacos and a smile if you make it out this way.