Independents Gain Seats in Mobil Ratings Race

This may be less important than last week's mid-term elections...maybe not. Mobil recently released its star ratings for 2007. Like last year, I've added some analysis which is summarized in the table below. Notably,

  • Independents  have widened their margin over the chains in the combined 10 (up from 7 last year)
  • Independents now have 13 more 4 star properties than the chains (up from 9 ast year)
  • St. Regis has added three 5 star properties (moved from 4 star last year)
  • Among chains, Ritz Carlton continues to dominate the combined category with 29 properties (40%)
  • Four Seasons has the edge in the 5 star rating with 8 properties, but slipped in percentage from 47% in 2006 to 40% in 2007

(Click on the image to make it look better)


Sometimes, people actually ask me how independents can be successful? Of course they can.  But, don't take my word for one of the 82 hotels on the list.

Link to the Mobil lists