Execution, Flavor and Technique


From my friends at Ideas and Food, a great riff about what makes a great chef. The key takeaway for me...

"Every meal does not have to be comprised of something new and different. There's something to be said for execution, flavor, and technique, for without these base skills to stand on, why bother cooking in a restaurant at all? Strong technique, a great palate--which results in the ability to create amazing flavors, and the ability to teach your staff to execute them both to your standards, are the building blocks that make restaurant chefs great, regardless of the kind of cuisine that they choose to create."

These same concepts can and should be applied to hospitality. Being the best requires flawless execution and attention to the smallest of details. And, the art of delivery, or technique, must be born from passion. If it doesn't come from the heart and soul, you're probably relegated to mediocrity...and in the wrong business.

Incidentally, Aki and Alex have a new book out, "Ideas In Food, The Photographs, Book 1". I was forunate enough to get a look recently...wow, the photography is incredible. Worth every penny...go get a copy...I just did.