Carnival of Marketing is Up for 13 Feb


Stories convey emotion…they strike a chord. Stories are entertaining…they get attention.
Stories are fun and easy to tell…they’re memorable. Stories are your greatest asset…not the bricks, artwork or lobby furniture.

People tell stories about what makes them feel really good…or really bad. I call them emotion generators. And, basically, three events must occur to make them happen…to get someone to spread the word about their experience:

1. There must be an emotional connection…an appreciation for the experience (a person either has an affinity for let’s say, food and wine, or they don’t)
2. There must be time invested in that connection (a person actually takes time to dine)
3. The associated experience must either reinforce the expected outcome…or fall significantly short (the experience blows them away…one way or the other).

When these three things happen, stories are likely to be told.

Much like demand generators fuel a market, emotion generators make or break a guest stay. Furthermore, these little story factories are typically anchored in three areas…food, guestrooms and care. Just listen to anyone going on about how good or bad they felt about their visit…rarely is it centered on things like the pool or the staff uniforms. There are the occasional exceptions (fabulous views of the Matterhorn, etc.). But, for the most part, it’s living spaces, what’s coming out of the kitchen and how people are treated that resonates with guests. It’s always been that way, and likely always will be.

Here’s a recent story about how hotel guestrooms are now being designed more like people’s homes…to make them feel, well, more comfortable, like they would be at home. Makes a good point.

People want meaningful experiences when they check-in, not just flash and show. Now, more than ever, they’re figuring out that life’s too short not to enjoy every day. So, you’ve got to connect with them emotionally…and give them a reason to tell your story.

Try food, rooms and service…the backbone of our business. If you’re passionate about it, I bet it works.