Jackie and Ben hit the nail on the head...again! Using two highly regarded wine country restaurants as examples (French Laundry and Cyrus), they give us some excellent insight into what makes these establishments so extraordinary.

I'll follow with my own little formula:

1. You've got to get the basics right. An overabundance of cleanliness, smiles and quality is a must.
2. You've got to be interesting...better have a story, one that strikes an emotional connection with your prospective guest.


3. Customize. Like Jackie and Ben, I believe this is a key if not THE key to getting people to talk about their visit. People want an experience that's tailored to them. That's what makes it special, interesting and fun to talk about. Why would you tell your neighbor or co-worker about an average stay at an average business hotel? wouldn't. But, you might feel compelled to talk about a restaurant that called the kitchen upon your arrival and tailored the offerings around your tastebuds.

Make your guest experience interesting by telling stories and treating people differently, just like you would your friends if you were inviting them to your own home.