The Front Line

A very relevant post by Seth...Receptionists.

I've been ranting about this same subject for years...our industry doesn't perform so well when it comes to investing in the people who really make our business go...those on the front line. We notoriously pay just enough to keep warm bodies in positions which ironically get the most guest touches of anyone on the staff. I know leadership and experience are valuable and that some properties are exceptions. But, there is definitely an inequity in a good chunk of our industry. How much do you pay a front desk agent, a housekeeper, a steward? Do they particpate in an incentive plan, profit sharing or some other reward for performance program? We need to rethink our compensation models...for the most part they're broken, paying people for function vs. great service. If you pay people just enough to keep positions filled, it's likely you're going to receive performance that's "just good enough" to get by.

Spend more on people than anything else and show them you works better that way.