People and Trust

Consider this…everyone is smarter than you at something. And, you can get more things done, and get them done much better when you do things collectively with others. In other words, the best ideas, products, companies, etc., aren’t the result of one. The key is to find the right people, who aren’t afraid to think, even differently than you…and to find people you can trust. Groups of people who don’t trust each other focus too much on what’s not getting done, who’s to blame and who gets credit instead of the matter at hand…moving the project, organization or idea forward. Trust allows people to focus on the goal and enjoy the ride. The lack thereof is a major distraction, and leads to a lot of second guessing.

As we prepare to launch a new and improved Memorable Solutions network, most of my time over the last few weeks has been spent on this very subject…putting things into place to allow a trustworthy group of professionals to flourish. And, just about the time I think I have it figured out, I meet someone who outthinks me…which leads to a rework of the plan. Some would complain…I think it’s perfect, exactly what I envisioned, great people all around me, spending more time thinking about how to create something amazing instead of worrying about who’s trying to get the biggest share of the pie.