Benefit of The Doubt

Yesterday, I walked into the local print shop to order some business cards. I didn't need to go there...there are plenty of on-line options which are cheaper and faster. But, I wanted to support the small shop in my town.  Well, it turns out that it's a lot more expensive to  support my small town habit (about two thirds more)  than I thought. And, to make it worse, I get the feeling these people really don't value my business...just the tone, matter of factness of the conversation and their skepticism of my intention to pay for the design service (too long to go into here). No, I didn't walk out of there feeling very special. So, what am I paying extra for?

Consider this...

Most of your customers (guests):

  1. want to do business with you
  2. want to pay you
  3. want to promote your business to others (ratifies their experience and gives them a chance to show off)
  4. want to have fun

Note that they don't need to do any of these least not under normal circumstances.

Now, if you believe this idea, and that the vast majority of customers aren't paying you a visit with the intention of ripping you off or otherwise ruining your day, then you need to do this...act like you want to do business with them. Better yet, act like you want to be friends...and, until they prove otherwise, give them the benefit of the doubt!