Consider that not so long ago (maybe as little as 10 or 20 years), marketing was what you did before the product or service experience began. And, your customer didn't have much to say about it. Now, the rules have changed, and the opposite is true. People don't pay attention to the hype...they don't believe you, nor do they have the time or patience. But, in a matter of minutes , they can tell thousands (maybe millions) of strangers about how well or bad you do...and people take the time to listen. More importantly, they believe it.

Sadly, as you look around at the service mayhem, it still seems like its an us vs. them game. That gives you one heck of an opportunity...to create a "we" culture in your organization. Your customers are going to be your best marketers whether you like it or not. So, you might as well invite them in to join the conversation.