5 Things

Sue Pelletier put me up to this...she tagged me for a ride on the "5 things you didn't know about me" train that's working its way around the blogosphere. So, here goes....

  1. First Job- I actually had two (Some say I've always been an overachiever...some say Ive always been a bit unbalanced). McDonalds...made it all the way to crew chief and a member of the new store opening team...at 16. At the same time, I installed landscaping...in Florida, during the summer (that's as close as I've ever come to a chain gang).
  2. Planes- I've flown 11 different aircraft, not including simulators. And, I've landed at airports in almost all 50 states. Can't seem to get to Hawaii or Alaska...need a bigger gas tank.
  3. Talent- Not much...see if this counts. I played clarinet and baritone sax (not anymore). I  was high school photographer for the newspaper and did some work for the yearbook (it was really just a way to have a journalism pass to get me off campus). Oh...almost forgot, I have kicked a 54 yard field goal...at The Swamp!
  4. Friends- My best friend Roger is a truck driver (He's a Peterbilt man)...and a pilot. My wife Nancy is a certified spinning instructor (that's punishment) and a former team cyclist for New Mexico State University. Oh, and did I mention she's the best mom and wife you could wish for. My first and best hotel boss (if you don't count my college job at Holiday Inn), Jim Thalman, became one of my best friends and has guided me through thick and thin. He can be found at Inn at Lost Creek.
  5. History- My family (mother's side) is from Bistriz, Transylvania (now Romania). Contrary to popular opinion, I do not have fangs. We ended-up in Rothenburg, Germany thanks in large part to that little skirmish between the Germans and Russians. My grandfather ended up for a brief stint in the Nazi army (not by choice) and was a POW toward the end of WWII. My childhood nickname was Mikki, Romanian for Mike (don't even think about it). And, my stepfather is a former IRS lawyer (always good to have one of these in your hip pocket).

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