Change Brings A New Hotel Tool Box

Msbuttonbeveled Toolboxbuttonbevel

We recently overhauled the Memorable Solutions website...quite a bit of streamlining along with design changes, etc. As a result, the MS Tool Box page was moved. It now lives on its own at Squidoo (you can also get there by clicking on the button in the side bar). And, with the relocation it also has undergone quite a change. It's now open source. That is...everyone has the opportunity to contribute. Think of it as an exchange of resources. You take some...and, hopefully, you leave some too. You'll find spreadsheets, checklists, a list of hospitality blogs, books, consultants and even a link to a news site which provides real-time headlines from all of the popular hospitality news feeds, all in one place. What I've compiled is just the beginning...please add your own.

I hope you find the changes helpful and the new Tool Box useful. Feedback is more than welcome.