Friendship is extremely important in fact, it's the heart and soul. If we treated all of our guests, owners and staff as well as we did our closest friends, I suggest things could be better and easier for everyone. The speed bumps in our business grind would get much smaller.

Last month, I made a lot of friends at the Inn at Lost Creek...a splendid little hotel in Telluride, Colorado. A small collection of them are pictured above (clockwise...Karito, me, Pati, Lore and Cali, up-front). There are others, like the Majors family, the Yasura's and Lord and Lady Hamer...all wonderful guests. While we went through our daily journey, we learned from each other, discovered new ways of doing things and somehow survived what sometimes seemed like an insurmountable get to the end of season. My hat's off to the entire team...good job. And, to the many friends I made along the way...thank you.