How Much Will We Pay For Health?


100%...that's how much more you'll pay for this organic milk in our local market. And, at least half of the time there's a sign on the cooler door warning that supplies can't keep up with demand.

Personal health and environmental sustainability are the two hottest trends right now...people want to feel good about themselves. And, people will pay more for what they want. Of course, you should embrace these agendas and make the most of them. Tony Longhurst and I discussed some of the "players" in the most recent episode of indieHotelier.

But, the real value and the way to create distance between your efforts and everyone else is to tell a story. Create a profile of the passionate employee who spearheads the recycling program, develop a blog for your company that highlights your actions, introduce the local organic farmer to your guests, give them space on your website, create a video of a mass light bulb change-out to lower wattage bulbs, promote your certifications (Like LEED) on the front page of your website. And, if you don't have any certifications...get some. This will soon be a standard...kind of like free WiFi.

People want to hear these stories more than anything right now. So, give them a chance to spread the word about you. Give them something interesting, something they want to sell to their neighbor or colleague.

Oh, and if you need some help, e-mail Tony.