The Shift...It's Happening

Technology is changing the world...we all know that. What you may not know is how quickly it's changing, and how important this is to you...and to hospitality.

Watch this video (courtesy of It crystallizes the velocity of the change going on around us...the shift. You can't stop it. You probably can't alter it or slow it down. But, you can take advantage of it. This shift toward greater efficiency, greater knowledge, lower cost of production, a global economy, more outsourcing, etc., creates a grand opportunity for those with a different skill set...the ability to build relationships, communicate well, care for others, create meaningful experiences and to provide engaging service. For most of us, technical skills will take a back seat to relating to, understanding and dealing with people.

Since you aren't likely to do it any faster or cheaper (just check out the statistics on China and India), going forward, your best chance to be extraordinary will likely be in the non-technical fields, including hospitality. So, will there be a flood of talent into our industry? How will we train people who used to build computers and cars to be hosts and tour guides? We're going to explore this more on tomorrow's indieHotelier show at 11 AM EDT (US). Visit Talkshoe to listen or join-in. It should be interesting and fun.