This is the type of thing that bugs me the most about marketing...companies continue to stick to the old ways of doing things. Apart from Bill Marriott's foray into blogging, I haven't seen any signs of Marriott letting go of their old "best practices". I'm a Marriott Rewards member, which means they have my attention. But, I didn't sign-up for any e-mail newsletters or price alerts...at least not that I was aware of (another big problem). Then, when I took the time to unsubscribe, I received this:

Email Confirmation

You have chosen not to receive Marriott email.

Please allow 10 business days for processing.

It took seconds to sign-up, but it's going to take up to two weeks to get me off the list. Why? My guess is that this has litte to do with technology, and more to do with trickery and hanging on to old fashioned promotion tactics.