indieHotelier Show #32 with Glenn Hasek

This week's show will be live tomorrow, Thursday, 5/24, at 3 PM EDT.

Glen Hasek, publisher and editor of Green Lodging News, will lead us in a discussion about trends in our industry with regard to the green movement, i.e., new building techniques, products and technologies. He will also share his insights into where and how we need to act to achieve sustainability in our industry.

The show airs live on Talkshoe tomorrow at 3 PM EDT. Please join us for an interesting conversation. There will be a Q&A session toward the end of the program. There are three ways to listen:

  1. Call-in via phone or VOIP- Requires a Talkshoe pin (easy to get and free). But, for the effort, you get to join the actual call.
  2. Listen to the live show streaming...again, go to Talkshoe at 3 PM and click on the listen button.
  3. Listen to the show once I rebroadcast it, usually the following Monday. Go to the indieHotelier website (or, go to our page on Talkshoe) to download past shows.