The Middle

Seth writes...

"low expectations are dangerous, because if you fly too low, you're invisible. Worse, when people expect little of you, they often don't bother listening at all.

So most of the time, you're challenged with this: high expectations that must be beat."

This is precisely why I think there is so much opportunity in the 3-4 star level in our business. It takes a tremendous act of brilliance for someone to rave about their Peninsula stay...expectations are already so high. On the other end is the highway motel, cutting costs just to stay expectation of brilliance there. And sadly, on the rare occasion that it one seems to care. In the middle, is a place where expectations are the middle. Treat me well, and I'm happy. Make a few mistakes, and I'm still happy. But, do more....and I'm your evangelist.

Some people call the middle average. I call it a great be the best in your town, on your block or exit. The middle is a place that typically has enough resources to step on the hospitality gas...they just choose not to. All it takes to get people talking is passion, creative thinking and know-how....and the willpower to get started.