Wiki Power

If you don't know what a wiki the video below for a really simple and fun explanation. Then, go to Chrispitality for a great hospitality example. Here's another one listing all of the things to do in different cities around the world if you only have 2 days to see the sights.

Here are just a few ways, hospitality professionals could make use of a wiki...

  • Community Recruiting- Build a site for your town, county or island with all of the hospitality jobs available. Totally fluid and up to date.
  • Workforce Resources- Again...for the benefit of your local hospitality workforce...everything they need to know from training, certifications, education, social gatherings, what to do after work, room mate searches, etc.
  • Committee Projects- Safety, Employee Picnics or virtually any collaborative projects within your organization.

Oh, and all of this is pretty inexpensive. Here's a free wiki website maker called wetpaint.