Be Patient...The Market Will Find You

This is the hardest part of creating anything great...and part of Seth's really good list.

And, it's good advice whether you're creating a sock company (read Seth's post), a boutique hotel chain or a neighborhood coffee shop. Focus on the experience, make it the best you possible can...and good things are likely to happen.

So, why do so many start-ups (new hotels included) still spend more energy, time and money on the message instead of the experience? They're stuck...they still think they need to push the idea along because it takes too long otherwise. Ironically, the better the experience, product or service, the faster the word spreads to your audience...with far less orchestration, media buys and sales pitches. You can thank the world wide web for a little (no, a lot)  help with the velocity. But, your idea will only move forward if it's worth talking about...just like always.