Management Decisions Are Average


Placed a take-out order with one of our favorite local eateries...Purple Cow (just a coincidence I think). Ten minutes after the order, our plans had to be changed. I called back, explained our predicament and offered to pay for the order no matter that we couldn't pick it up. I was place on hold...for about two minutes...of course, it always feels longer. A manager came on, listened to my situation...and said no problem, she would offer the food to some employees. Problem solved...good enough.

But, good enough isn't good enough. Not if your goal is to be remarkable. Having a problem, being placed on hold to speak with a supervisor is average. The first employee who took my return call had a chance to be take the matter into her own hands, own the problem and do something. Had her manager prepared her for that, given her the tools, authority and training, she would have been memorable...everyone wins.

We'll be going back to Purple's better than most and fun for the kids. Could be so much better though.