Execute or Die

In case you haven't noticed, these are not normal times. In fact, I'd call it down right scary...the alarm bells are ringing. I've heard from a number of my industry friends...leisure, corporate, group...all travel is already down and there's no sign of a quick recovery. Sorry, but it's true (if you know different, please call me, I need some good news). But this is no time to panic. Rather, it's time to execute...do what you do extremely well. Now is the time to worry less about creating new things, and more on protecting the precious customer and employee relationships you have worked so hard to achieve. Now is the time to perfect service and optimize efficiency through having the best and brightest on your team. Now is the time to make sure the telephone is answered correctly...every time. Now is the time to invite the meeting planner or travel agent to lunch...the one you've been putting off. Now is the time for everyone to get serious about keeping the fans you have by executing with some serious attitude and precision...you can't afford to lose a single customer. Now is the time to be remarkable...odds are your competitors soon won't be.