You Know You're Remarkable When...

  • you no longer need to place recruitment ads in the newspaper or HCareers.
  • recruiters call you regularly with top prospects
  • interns ans externs are lined-up out the door
  • chef wanna be's come from all over just to tour the kitchen and knowing they have only a prayer of ever working there
  • the "open position" list is replaced by "top candidates"
  • turnover is minimal (less than 20%), and when it occurs, it's not your fault...retirement, transfer, entrepreneurial opportunities, etc.
  • getting housekeeping room attendants is rarely a problem

If this isn't the case at your place, perhaps the word's not out. Or, maybe the experience isn't fully developed, or the right leaders aren't in place, or your company isn't committed to excellence. It's rarely a "poor labor market" problem. More often, it's something carefully inspect that area first.