Why Staged Doesn't Work

This letter explains why. Why impromptu is better than rehearsed, why seeing is believing, why capturing the real experience is so important to getting your message to spread. It also explains why stock photography, scripted answers and form thank you letters don't work. Staged doesn't work because it's expected. So, it's not worth remembering, and not worth talking about. There's no story in staged.

Figure out ways to infuse experience and improv into what you do...to surprise and strike an emotional chord with people. For instance...

  • if guests expect to be shown where to go, escort them instead
  • if guests expect to be asked 20 questions at check-in...don't
  • if someone asks you for a resume, send them to your website
  • if people expect to see stock photography on your website, show them pictures of real guests doing real things at your property (taken by real guests)
  • if people expect to receive your newsletter crammed full of romance packages and Saturday night getaway specials, feature stories like the one about the housekeeper that volunteers her time at the local children's hospital instead

You get the picture.